Supply Centre

Located within Abu Dhabi, the Emirates Aviation Supply Centre operates as a dynamic and responsive demand-based supply chain. Its origins trace back to the year 1993, a significant milestone marking the commencement of its steady commitment to strengthening the local aviation community. During this pivotal time, the EASC undertook the pivotal role of providing essential spare parts that catered to an array of aircraft types, with a particular focus on military aircraft.

Fast Forward to the year 1998 and the Emirates Aviation Supply Centre achieved a remarkable feat by securing the coveted position of being the official contractor entrusted with servicing the aviation and ground support requisites of the UAE Armed Forces. This marked a transformative chapter in the EASC’s journey, as it extended its reach beyond the provision of spare parts to encompass a comprehensive role in facilitating the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces

This distinction as the official contractor solidified the Emirates Aviation Supply Centre’s stature as a trusted partner in the UAE’s defense ecosystem. With dedicated focus on aviation and ground support, EASC became an integral player in ensuring the readiness and efficiency of the UAE Armed Forces operations. This narrative underscores the EASC’s adaptability, dedication, and enduring contribution to the advancement of the aviation landscape in UAE and beyond